HTTP security headers checker

HTTP security headers checker
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What is the HTTP Security Header?

Basically, the HTTP security header is a set of commands or directives that are being exchanged between your web browser (or any web client) and the web server to specify the relevant details. to the security of HTTP communication. These exchanges or sharing of information are part of the HTTP protocol. These commands or directives let your browser know what content is allowed or not shown to your website, to ensure the security of the website and to be free from malware infection.

These HTTP security header commands help protect both your web browser and your website from any security threats like hacker attacks or malicious code injection. So this security strategy acts as a total defense system.

Why do you need to implement HTTP Security Headers?

As you can see, there have been many articles and reports circulating on the internet about the highest increase in cyberattacks and data breaches in recent years. And one of the main culprits of all these mishaps happening is poor security measures and misconfigurations.

These HTTP security headers help prevent some of the most common hacker attacks, malware injection, clickjacking, malicious code injection, and more. They provide an extra layer of protection by restricting some activity between the server and the web browser, while the web application is running.

Although there are many HTTP headers available, the problem is which one should you implement for better protection. Like any web technology that changes over time, new HTTP headers will appear and disappear depending on browser support.

So it's essential that you decide which HTTP headers to implement and which ones you shouldn't

Additionally, the Secure HTTP header can also help improve your site's SEO score.

Run Security Headers Check

Before performing security settings, the first thing you must do is run a security header check on your website. With its help, you will easily know which essential security headers are missing from your website.

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