Website capture

Website capture


Website capture - is a tool for creating screenshots of websites online

Here you can, quickly and free capture a full screenshot of the website with high resolution and without watermarks. To do this, you only need a link to the page from which you want to get a screen capture.

You can capture a long screen of the entire page, not just the first screen. However, if you wish, you can also limit the height so that only the upper part or half of it is visible.

We support capture website and take screenshot as many format like: png, jpeg, webp and pdf.

You can use our tool to make full screenshots of websites, landing, articles, posts on any social networks (Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte and others), news, tweets with comments, threads on Internet forums and blogs, videos on YouTube and other platforms.

We tried to make sure that you liked Theseotool: Website capture at first sight:

We have developed the most simple and convenient interface so that creating a screenshot does not cause difficulties even when using it for the first time.

To make a snapshot of a webpage, you do not need to download and install additional software on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Even a free full page screen capture is available to users in a ready-to-use form (without Watermark, logo, or backlink to us).

You see the finished screenshot online (that is, immediately, without registering and entering an e-mail address).

You can create any image variants of web pages:

Depending on the tasks, it is possible to adjust the size of the screen-capture or save its full-size version.

Get a website screenshot with an imitation of any device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with different screen sizes and ratios.

We also draw the attention of experienced users:

To create a screenshot of an internet, you apply the Web-version of the resource, or use our reliable high-speed API.

The screenshots display the original fonts used in the layout, as well as the content of the AJAX scripts, which ensures the highest accuracy and quality.

We offer code variants of the most popular programming languages, which makes integration fast and easy.

For more information about our online service, please visit the FAQ.

Instructions for how to take a full snapshot of a website?

To capture an online screenshot, you only need the full URL. Since our robot has access only to those resources that may be accessed by any user without entering captchas, usernames and passwords – this address must be publicly available.

So, to capture a long snapshot, you need to insert its address in the "Enter URL" input field and click "Take screenshot". You make the website full-size or adjust the size you need (in width and height), as well as save a screen grab of the page in a reduced scale.

You may also save in png, jpeg, webp and pdf format. This means that from a PC, simulate the creation of a screen from a mobile device and vice versa. Now there are 20 resolution options available: there are desktop (for various formats of PC and laptop screens), as well as smartphones and tablets on Android, iOS devices - iPhone and iPad.

You can take screenshot on mobile view or desktop view, it is very simple and flexible.

After creating a snapshot of the site, the saved internet page will be available to you in the form of a ready-made preview image, as well as a link to the full image in the selected format.

We have not save your screenshot on our server, but we provide link to allow your download the output screenshot base on your input

How do I take a snapshot?

It is free and limited (20 times every 30 minutes) to use, it mean you can feel free take website screenshot any time but can not spam.

We also develop and provide a lot of tool and service as free and paid. If you love that you can try register to use.

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